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It is software to figure out that we must make on a regular basis, such as the time to replace the battery, the things that event to cycle.

□ List View

Doop Navigation Bar

◇ Navigation Bar
・Plus mark in the upper right: Adding new entries
・Double tap/swipe: change of pages that have been sorted for each color
Navigation bar(main) list of things in use
Navigation bar(red) those in use in BarColor:red•Orange•Yellow•Gray
Navigation bar(blue) those in use in BarColor:Yellow-green•Green•Blue•Gray
Navigation bar(pink) those in use in BarColor:SkyBlue•Pink•Purple•Gray
Navigation bar(gray) list of things Inactive

◇ Cell
・Left Side Tap: Change Color of Bar
(turn Red•Orange•Yellow•Yellow-green•Green•Blue•SkyBlue•Pink•Purple•Gray)
・Right Side Tap: Change Cell Layout(3 Layout)
・Center DoubleTap: Edit
・Swipe to Delete

※ meaning of bar display/Accessories

  • The top of the left bar: number of times made replacement
  • The bottom of the left bar: dot fixed color
    Bar-right: I will change bar percent of the remaining amount, even light and shade to match the remaining amount. (Small: thin> Multi-co)

Display Style

Doop CellStyles

1) simple: Display of the main and or stood How long have you been using.

2) Count up: Date of the beginning, percent of right course percent as 100 average use time use in the upper left. Show to see how long it takes now about to reach the average value.

3) Countdown: Number of days the date and time to get to the average number of days used on the upper and lower average number of days used, the title under a percent.

※ Bar on the right will change to red estimated remaining amount less than 15%.
※ If there is no data for the period on the first use, the average value is not displayed and the color of the bar on the right-hand side does not change. The display is based on the data from the first second and subsequent.

□ Edit View


Edit and update the item ・add icon to add favorite list
・edit item name and memo
・there are 3 buttons. (Buttons will be displayed depending on the situation.)
・・1 install: New (Start)
・・2 replace
・・3 stop: taken out (Withdrawal)
・Hist Button to go to History View

※ You can change the start date and time use by tapping the date.

□ History View

Doop History Page

History View shows item, Average, maximum and minimum exchange time.

◇ Cell
・Left Side Tap: Change Color of Bar
・Center Tap: Edit installed/removed time, delete, and add memo.
・Swipe to Delete

□ App Setting [Home>Settings>doop]

Doop Setting

・change color mode.
・change title of navigation bar.
・change transparency of icon (Hart/Star)

◇ Lite Version:
- Limit number of Lists.
- Ad will be displayed on the top of list. Thank you for your understanding on the use may be an eyesore.