Little List with Big Letter.

Very easy & simple List/to-do app.

littlsit Image

It is pleasant and fun to use, and stimulate your Right Brain. You may like to tap-tap to make nice and colorful to-do page like picture of Mondrian..

□ Main View


◇ Navigation Bar
・DoubleTap/Swipe on NavBar: Change List
・Long Tap to go to Hot List (RedColor)
・Swipe-Up to go to DueDate List (Green)


◇ Cell
・Left Tap: Change color
・Right Tap: Change shade of gray
・Right LongTap: item goes up to the Top of List
・Center SingleTap: Show Memo
・Center DoubleTap: Edit
・Center Long Tap: Red dot on left-top (register for AppBadge)
・swipe: delete

Arrenge Order: litle tricky..
▲ Right LongTap: item goes up to the Top of List
▽ make right and left bar to Lightest Gray: item goes down to the Bottom

・import: press [+] button on NavigationBar and tap import. import from items on list “littlist” from Reminder. ・ Export/Backup: From Home - Setting: littlist, switch export on, and when you start app alert shows up to export.

※ Reminder priority: bar colour on littlist ( !: pink, !!: green !!!: red).

※ AppBadge: Count items which are Red-Right-Dot and due item (36h befere).

□ Edit View

・tap gray circle to turn On/Off DueDate
・tap date to edit date
・lock button locks color.

□ App Setting [Home>Settings>littlist]

You can change
・display color mode [White (default), Dark, Kawaii (Cute)] ・display font face
・title of Navigation bar ・list name for import/export ・switch to back up