As a part of Yoga practice, pranayama is important exercise but is bit tedious parctice.
Usually peeople count for themselves to do. But it is cumbersome counting seconds for yourself and difficult to continue practice every day.

This app helps to concentrate on practice by counting for you. (sounds little clerical though..)

In between work, when you feel stressed,, when you wan to concentrate, when you want make your mind calm,,

Practice pranayama.

□ Main Display

There are those item on display.


  1. Cog:go to setting
  2. Eye:go to history page
  3. Practice List
  4. Recent status
  5. Practice counter
  6. Week status

□ How to Use

Start with LONG Tap.
(Cancel with LONG tap. Alert will show up.)

After practice, Status selector will show up. Select one of them.



□ Setting

You can change

  1. Time/Rounds for pranayama
  2. Switch to show week status on/off
  3. Memo icon
  4. Calendar setting

*practice is based on sivananda yoga.