Colorful and Simple Multiple Kitchen Timer with List.

For noodle lovers

tapas Image

Functions I wanted to add:
・List of items (I have many kinds of pastas/noodles/beans/etc)
・little memo
・multi timer
・record of date/times cooked
・simple design

□ List View


◇ Navigation Bar
・DoubleTap/Swipe on NavBar: Change List

◇ Cell
・ Left Tap: Change color of bar.
・ Right Tap: Add to Timer (background color will change)
・ Center Double Tap: Edit

□ Timer View: 5 Timers at once


initial: Gray stage
-1- Ready
-2- Go
-~~- When timer run out, alarm goes off.
-3- tap to go back to initial state。

□ Edit View


・edit item name/ memo
・set time
・color lock

□ App Setting [Home>Settings>Tapas]


・change title of navigation bar.
・change transparency of icon (Hart/Star)

◇ Lite Version:
・3 Timers at once
・Limited number of list. (Main, Favorite, by times)
・Ad will be displayed on the top of list.