I have a lot of very small things(small things that are easily forget) to do, but web service is too much for me. Text(Note) is good enough but…

It started with simple idea: I wanted to manage tasks by text file and look tasks in my hand(iPhone4).

I tried to make it simple and look clean on text and also on iPhone/iPod. If you have bunches of small things to do like me, you might like this software. (You need computer although..)


You press left button on Navigation bar to process. After link was established, file will be copied to cloud.

File is kept on ~/Dropbox/Apps/(a)/todo.md (Fix)

  • This app access only within its folder: “(a)”.

about Sync process

This app upload “todo.md” when it goes to sleep/lock, download from cloud when it unlocks/wakes up.

・press Home button = upload to cloud
・comes back from sleep/lock = download from cloud

it would be appreciated if you remind this while you are using app, because this app is not fully synchronized between iPhones/iPods.

todo.md format


# .main.

## Navigation Bar
3. <-Swipe->: move between projects
6. **LongTap**: to Red Hot
1. ^ Swipe ^: to DueDate
6. x 2015-01-15 14:00 completed job

## table cell
5. tap:
7. double tap: edit task
2. **long tap**: emphasize task
8. -> swipe/pull: change color
9. swipe <-: delete or done

4. Link to Dropbox
5. Task w/ date BY! 2015/03/10 17:00
*  Event @2015-02-25 12:00

ScreenShot was taken with using this file

Main Main category Main etc

  1. # h1: Main title for navigation bar
  2. ## h2: As Project title, this is also showed as title on navigation bar
  3. 1-9.: Color of bar (1: Red, 2: Orange,,,8:Purple, 9:Pink)
  4. *, + : show bar color as Gray
  5. Task TItle: Memo(: is divider)
  6. Due date is set by ”@ date” or ”BY! date
  7. Completed task has ”x date“ before title of task
  8. Date format: default: 2015-11-11 12:30

How to use (a)

  1. Swipe:move between projects
    Navigation Bar Navigation Bar Navigation Bar
  2. Long tap:to Red Hot List. Long tap/swipe right to go back.
  3. Swipe Up:to Due Date List. Long tap/ swipe left to go back.




  1. single tap:show memo < - > due date
  2. double tap:edit task
  3. long tap:add red dot. (make task emphasize)
  4. swipe right from left bar:Change color of bar
    Cell swipe
  5. swipe left:Done or Delete
    Cell swipe
    1. Done button: time you press will be registered as date done.
    2. ※ unDone
      1. swipe-left and press Done again.
      2. on Edit View, press Checked mark.

decoration of bar

  • if there is memo, the left top edge on color bar is cut.
  • emphasized task has red dot on left corner. And registered for Icon Badge and Red Hot List.

Colors on Left bar

Color-Mode <-Normal , Kawaii -> Color-Mode

Due date and Right Bar

  • right colour bar appears if you set due date.
  • It changes color: Green > Yellow > Orange > Red
  • Red Dot on Right corner will be displayed when the task got passed due date.

Due date

Add/Edit Task

  1. Add: press “+” on left side of Navigation bar.
  2. Edit: double tap on task you want to edit.
  3. Setting Due date
    • Color Circle Icon is on/off switch for Due date.
    • Tap date area to edit date. Datepicker will comes up from bottom.

Due date Due date

  1. Go Home > Setting > (a)
  2. check “Unlink to dropbox”. Button will appear at left side on NavigationBar.


Home > Setting > (a)


You can change how it looks by changing Font and Color mode.

Color mode Color mode Color mode

write/read format

  1. date format:2015-12-31, 12-31-2015, 31-12-2015
  2. strong: **strong** , __strong__
  3. gray bar style: *, +, -


  • Unlink to Dropbox: app will unlink when it relaunches.

trouble on syncing

when your file is not the file you like to be. Try

  1. look where is main file located.
  2. ?on local?
    1. then check connection
    2. change something on your task: like change color (important)
      • it update local data to upload
    3. press Home button: upload local file to cloud
  3. ?on cloud?
    1. app is Up/Running?
      • then KILL application:DoubleTap Home button and swipe up (a)
      • (no data will upload to Cloud)
    2. change some on file at cloud (important)
    3. launch (a): check connection
      • it start to download file from cloud

※ again, this is how it works.
・press Home button = upload to cloud
・comes back from sleep/lock = download from cloud