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is this worth $xxxx?

This App calculates Simple Cost Efficiency to help to find out if product is worth for what you paid. You input Product name, price, date and how many time you have used, then list shows its cost per day or per use.

□ Main View


◆ Navigation Bar
・Double Tap/Swipe: to Move around pages (sort by date, with star, Hot/Soft/Cool colors)
・Long Tap: Change sort within. by cost/day or defaults.

※ when list is sorted by price per day/times. Navbar title willl have dots. (eg.) ・Cool Items・

◆ Cell
・Left Side Tap: Change Color of Bar
・Center DoubleTap: Edit Item
・Right Side Tap:
・Daily use:
– (on) shows days that you hold the item on left bottom
– (off) shows counter upper left and Another Tap to COUNT UP.
・swipe to Delete

□ Edit View

・Date: tap to edit
・switch on/off daily use
–on : price/days
–off: price/counter

・put star for favorite items

□ App Setting [Home> Settings> Cosper]

・change title of navigation bar.
・change transparency of icon (Hart/Star)

◇ Lite Version:
・Ad will be displayed on the top of list.

◇ If there are Bugs and suggestions, please contact me from “Report a Problem” or Support Page with your iOS version and model.

□ ■ Thank you & Be Happy ■□