Colorful post-it like Personal Project managing Application. Simple to work, fast, and fun to use.

dandori Image

□ Project View

Project Page

◇ Navigation Bar
・Button to add project
・DoubleTap/Swipe: Change List

◇ Cell
・Left Tap: Change Color of Bar
・Right Tap: Go to Task List
・Center DoubleTap: Edit
・Center LongTap: On/Off RedDot also register for AppBadge ・swipe to Delete

☆ Accesories Color Bar

・show Number of Tasks of the project
・Star and CutEdge
・White Dot: Color-Lock
・RedDot on Right: show if there is RedDot item in tasks

□ Task View

Task Page

◇ Navigation Bar
・Button to edit: change order, add, and delete
・Double Tap: sort by Color ~ your order

◇ Cell
・Left Side Tap: Change Color of Bar
・Right Side Tap: Change Shade of Gray
・Center DoubleTap: Edit
・swipe to Delete

□ App Setting [Home>Settings>dandori]

You can change
・title of Navigation bar
・transparency of tag icon
・display font face

◇ Lite Version:
・Limit number of Lists. (Main/ByColor:/Hot)
・Ad will be displayed on the top of list. Thank you for your understanding on the use may be an eyesore.

Privacy Policy

Dandori is personal and closed application.

  • Application data is used only within application.
  • No access any outside servers.
  • No collecting any data on this application.