This is simple shopping list application.

Listaria Image

Big letter is easy to read. Clean look of design. Simple to use. little memo feature is helpful and tap to show for a short second.

230 items are already registared.

□ Shopping List Page

main Recent

This page is for look items on Shopping list. To add items on shopping list, you have to go to ListPage by clicking right “List” button on navigation bar. (order: Vegitable・Frute・lll・BulkFood・Spices・Drinks・PersoanlCare・Pet・Kitchen・other)

  1. Double Tap on NavBar: Change Shopping list - Recently bought items list
  2. Swipe left on NavBar: to Item List page
  3. List Button: to Item List page

◆ Cell

Shopping List

  1. Tap Left Side: Done shopping: background changes and removed from list.
  2. Tap other area: Show memo if you have it, otherwise no reaction.

□ Item List page

Item View Item

Add items on these pages. If you want to add items, do it from + button on navigation bar.

  1. Swipe: Change categories.
  2. DoubleTap: Change categories.
  3. Longtap: Change sortorder (by date purcahsed and by times bought)

◆ Cell


  1. Left Side Tap: Add to Shopping list. (It changes background color.)
  2. Right Side Tap: Change right bar color
  3. Center DoubleTap: Edit and add memo to a item.
  4. Center Tap: Show memo.

※ Items which has background color are on shopping list.

□ Home>Setting> listaria


  1. change font
  2. show on/off and change title of purple and blue list.