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This is a simple clean little app for keeping a log of your sleep. You can see How long and When you sleep at a glance.This software helps you to find a way of good sleep. I hope at least you get some idea of your sleeping habit.

□ Main View

Timer: Start by Long-Tap on gray image area.

 1:PreStart, show message (ex. take medicine!)
 2:Start: show sleeping time.
 3:WakeUp, show message (ex.drink a cup of water)
 4:Select mood and Done.

iPhone4: iPhone4,5(21:30-09:30)
iPhone4: iPhone6(20:30-10:30)
iPhone4: iPhone6+(20:00-11:30)

◇ Taps on graph

Left:Change feeling
Center:Edit time of sleep/awake.
Right:Switch On/Off of bae color.

◇Two Icons looks like eyes**

Left:to Simple Setting View:edit message and coloring.
Right:to Sleep Detail View:show average sleeping times.

Setting Detail

□ App Setting [Home>Setting>ohaYo]

You can edit

  • Export to Health
  • Good Sleep Time
  • Over Sleep Time
  • Thai Week Color
  • Wind short bell notice
    • on time you set on Good sleep
    • on 5min after going to bed
    • on 5min after waking up
  • message before sleep and after wakeup


※ Thai Color(Mon: Yellow, Tue: Pink, Wed: Green, Thu: Orange, Fri: Blue, Sat: Purple,Sun: Red)

“ohayo” is Japanese word for “good Morning”

□ Privacy Policy

  • ohayo will ask permission to access Health.app on your device.
  • on Health.app
    • ohayo will write its sleeping data.
    • ohayo will not read/access other data on Health.
  • Data in ohayo is used only within application.