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Simple and clean Meditation Timer/Logger for meditator, by meditator.

□ Main View


・Tap other area to start to meditate.
・Tap center icon to go Setting Page
・Tap Bar to go History Page
(Bar shows your recent meditation status (62 Meditations) to see how you’re doing. )

※ Two Circle button intends to use to keep track on posture when you meditate.
(I am trying to sit with full lotus position every couple of times. so i am keeping log for posture to keep it balanced(left-right-full-righti-right-left-full-…).)

while you are meditationg.

※※ iPod/iPhone must sleep or exit application in order to hear bells..

Short and long bells ring.
◇ 30sec
◇ 5min
 〜ring couple of times depending on length of meditation〜
 (less than 20min:no bells、 <55min:1time, <60min:2times, <120min:3times, <180min:4times)
◇ 3 min before finish
◇ finish


Background color is based on thai traditional day color.
(mon:Yellow, tue:Pink, wed:Green, thr:Orange, fri:Blue, sat:Purple, sun:Red)

□ History Page

History View

You can
・Change Date, status of meditation by tapping list.
・add/edit short memo.

※ if you have memo, icon shows on right side of list. Tap icon to display memo (memo shows up for a couple of seconds.)

□ Setting Page

Setting View

・Change MeditationTime from 15 to 180min. ・Change Background image(flower or monk)
・Change finishing sound. (Japanse drum is bit might miss when you meditate in noisy place)
・Change indication icon for memo on HistoryPage

※ default meditation time is set 60min.

※ If there are Bugs and suggestions, please contact me from “Report a Problem” or Support Page with your iOS version and model.

□■ with metta & Be always mindfull ■□